Randa Meetings – the Past and the Future

The end of the year is near and this year’s Randa Meetings ended quite some weeks ago. But just some days ago we published an extensive report about the happenings at this KDE Tech Summit: Randa Meetings 2015 – Huge Success Again. I’d say it’s worth reading and looking at the pictures.

And this edition of the Meetings wouldn’t have happened without the great help of supporters, donators and sponsors (in alphabetical order):

Thanks a lot to you! And if you want to be on this list next year don’t hesitate to contact us.

Randa Meetings Konqi with Matterhorn and Edelweiss

So what about the future of the Randa Meetings? They will happen again next year and we’ve already a main topic:

Multi-platform end-user application development: Bring KDE Apps to other platforms and strengthen them on their free home platforms. This might include stuff like improving KDE Frameworks 5 on other platforms like MS Windows, Android or Apple’s MacOSX, presenting and discussing how distribution works on other systems than GNU/Linux (Windows installers, app stores and application bundles) and learning from the experience projects like Krita, digiKam, Rkward, Kdenlive & Co collected. We’d like to bring this information to more KDE Apps and work on this together.

So if you would like to bring your KDE Application to other platforms than just GNU/Linux, have some knowledge about Qt on these platforms or “just” know a lot about how to integrate software on these platforms hesitate and add yourself to the date selection Doodle. We need to start early as the house is quite occupied in the summer months and there is a lot work ahead to make another edition of the Randa Meetings happen and another huge success.

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