The Randa Meetings are developers sprints taking place in Randa, a small village in the swiss alp. Randa Meetings originated from the KDE Community but are also open for contributors of other free and open source projects like GNOME.

The first Randa Meetings took place 2009 and were organized by Mario Fux. In 2012 we saw the foundation of the swiss association “Verein Randa Meetings” which is now responsible for the organization of the developer sprints in Randa.

A short history about the Randa Event:

  • 2009: First Randa Meetings (Tokamak 3) with the KDE Plasma Team organized by Mario Fux
  • 2010: Second Randa Meetings with KDE Multimedia
  • 2011: Third Randa Meetings with Platform_11
  • 2012: Foundation of Verein Randa Meetings. Forth Randa Meetings (September 21- 27) with contributors from Accessibility, Education, Multimedia and Plasma Teams. First Meetings organized by Verein Randa Meetings headed by Mario Fux.
  • 2014:  Fifth Randa Meetings in Randa with several groups, main focus is on porting KDE to a new version.
  • 2015: Sixth Randa Meetings – Bring Touch to KDE
  • 2016: Seventh Randa Meetings – KDE goes multi-platform

Verein Randa Meetings
The association was founded in 2012 and is based in Visp, Switzerland. The current members of the board of directors are:

  • Simon Wächter, president
  • Pascal Mages, treasurer
  • Mario Fux, secretary

You can find the bylaws of the Verein Randa Meetings here (german only).


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  1. Jean-Pierre Abgottspon says:

    This coming Wednesday the 13th August 2014 you organise an ‘open door’ for the general public. Is the meeting building accessible by wheelchair? TKS for reply. JP

    • Pascal Mages says:

      Dear Jean-Pierre, unfortunately the house is not very (rather not at all) accesible by wheelchair. Please contact Mario Fux for further information and possible assistance.

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