Spread to more platforms – Registrations for Randa Meetings 2016 open

The Randa Meetings as the annual KDE Tech Summit are back. This year a bit earlier to not clash with QtCon and for some other reasons. So if you want to join us from Sunday, the 12th to Sunday the 19th of June 2016 in the middle of Alps don’t hesitate, get in contact with us and register yourself. The registration will close March, 16th so we can start to work on a budget and continue with the organization.

The main topic of the Randa Meetings 2016 (RM2016) will be multi-platform end-user application development. This includes stuff like improving KDE Frameworks 5 (KF5) on other platforms like Microsoft Windows, Android or Apple’s MacOSX, presenting and discussing how software distribution works on other systems than GNU/Linux (Windows installers, app stores and application bundles) and learning from the experience projects like Krita, digiKam, Rkward, Kdenlive & Co collected. We’d like to bring this information to more KDE Applications and work on this during a full week.

Randa Meetings Konqi with Matterhorn and Edelweiss

Are you interested in C++ programming on a certain operating system, do you know the internal functions of the underlying system or are you well-known for porting Qt applications to other operating systems than GNU/Linux then we need you. Or do you just want to port your KDE application to another OS then please add yourself too.

Do you have knowledge about the software distribution channels and mechanisms on the popular systems and have experience in creating installation software for MS Windows, application bundles for MacOSX or repositories for F-Droid and want to share this knowledge and help a great and welcoming Free Software community to bring their software to this systems? Then please get in contact and come to Randa, Switzerland in June 2016.

If there are any questions, don’t hesitate to get in contact (email, comments section below or IRC: freenode.net in #randa). And if you know somebody else that would fit please forward this information and spread the word about it. See you soon in Randa…

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