Randa Meetings 2015 – The countdown begins

In a bit more than a month, 50+ KDE contributors will arrive in Randa, Switzerland and work again on different topics for a whole week. The motto this year is:

Bring Touch to KDE!

From September 6th to September 13th, developers, artists, documentation writers, translators and other contributors will meet in Randa and continue their work on great KDE software that’s free for anyone to use, modify and distribute. We will welcome people from Africa, America, Asia and Europe (missing Australia and Antarctica, there will be plenty of penguins though).

Six groups are going to bring KDE’s great software to touch and mobile devices:

  • digiKam – Manage your photographs
    like a professional with the power of Open Source
  • KDE Connect – to coordinate communication between all your devices
  • KDE Multimedia – Audio, Movie, Music, Sound and Video
  • KDE PIM – personal information management including email, address books, calendars, tasks, news feeds and more
  • QMLweb – Bring QML to the web
  • Touch and Mobile – The biggest
    group with the main topic

It will be an intense, creative and productive week, and anyone is welcome to visit. There won’t be a designated Open Day, but tell us that you want to visit and we’ll have interesting things for you to see.


For this week to happen, we need more than the motivation of Free Software contributors and local helpers. Travel costs, accommodation and other expenses need to be paid. Thanks to your financial support in previous years, we have held five successful Randa Meetings events creating exceptional value for users. With your help, the sixth will be the best ever, and we will be able to plan for more events in the future.

Don’t hesitate, make a donation, spread the word, ask questions or make recommendations, take a look at the list of participants or read the experience of a developer last year.

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