Randa Meetings 2014: The date is set, please register

After talks with some people, exchanging some ideas and a first doodle the date for the Randa Meetings 2014 is set:

Saturday, 9th to Friday, 15th of August 2014

Furthermore the house is reserved so you’ll have a place to sleep and eat and thus the kitchen team is set as well. So from the organizational point of view we’re done ;-). Now we just need some discussing, hacking, developing and planning people who want to come to Randa in August and be productive as hell. And that’s the second topic of this post: the groups and motto for this year’s meetings.

Most of the groups are already set and are of the following kinds:

  •  Amarok and Multimedia: Phonon 5, Amarok 3.0 and what else?
  •  Gluon: Restart of the KDE gaming framework?
  •  KDE Edu: Port the remaining apps to KF5 and work on math and language tools
  • Kdenlive: Bring new life to our great video editing application and maybe porting it to KF5
  • KDEbooks: We need a new version of the KDE Development book and maybe another one?
  • KF5: Do you plan to port your (KDE) application to KDE Frameworks 5?
  • KDE SDK: more about this below
  • OSM: OpenStreetMap (Switzerland)

So the main motto of this year is: KDE Frameworks 5 and KDE SDK.

After the planning and discussing that happened about KF5 two or three years ago in Randa by this summer we will have a working Plasma based on a stable KDE Frameworks 5. And we are going to have already quite some KDE applications ported to the new KDE Frameworks. But we plan to do another strong porting push and if you’ve not yet any set plans for the porting of your application this might be your opportunity. We are going to have some knowledgeable people that will support you as much and where they can.

But we would also like to bring not just people who work already on and with KF5 to Randa but people who use and know Qt and KF5 on Windows, MacOSX, Android and iOS… Let’s make KF5 a great and real cross platform addon and supplement for Qt. And maybe add some foreign operating systems to our CI infrastructure?

And what about this KDE SDK? You know Qt SDK, right? Everything included right from the start. Just download, install and start to develop and deploy cross platfrom applications. We offer something similar but not as easy, complete and integrated (yet): KDevelop, KF5, Kate, kdewin installer, etc. Let’s make a big step forward in Randa to a fully working and cross platfrom KDE SDK.

So if you’re interested in this work and think you could contribute something talk to us (#randa on freenode.net), tell us (fux@kde.org) and add yourself to the sprints.kde.org page. If you have questions or other feedback or just want to help us with fund raising or dish washing you might contact us as well ;-). And for further information about the Randa Meetings in general look at:

PS: And you might even bring your whole familiy to Randa. It’s a nice place for relaxing holidays and we help you to find some cozy place to stay. At the current state we know that there will be at least two kids at the Randa Meetings this summer.

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