Randa Meetings 2014: Registration deadline approaching

Yesterday I sent an email to the people already registered, to the corresponding mailing lists and to some more people who would or could come to Randa to remind them about the approaching deadline:

Sunday, 4th of May 2014, 23:59 UTC

Till this point in time you should check your data on the KDE sprints page or register if you’ve not yet done so (or poke your team mates to register ;-). We need to fix a budget by then to start the fundraising campaign.

And don’t hesitate to contact us or ping me (unormal) on Freenode.net IRC in #randa if you’ve questions, hints or you just want to help with the fundraising campaign. Help there is very much appreciated.

Oh and if you’ve not yet participated in this small survey about Randa Meetings, Work and Money it’s still open ;-).

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