No Randa Meetings in 2013 – CU in 2014

I discussed this for a long time and in the end it was a hard decision to make. And for the people who needed to know it early they are already aware of this. Or if you are/were in the IRC channel #randa on you know it as well but here is the long overdue official blog post about it.

There won’t be any Randa Meetings in 2013.

The reason is simple. As the organization still lies mostly on my (and my families) shoulders (but that’s changing, see e.g. Pascal, who did this great website and more) it’s not possible to bring up the time this year. Someone of my family had an accident at the end of last year with a quite long recovery time (and at the beginning the prognosis was not that positive at all) and we’re now half way through this year and she’s not yet back to 100% as before (but we’re optimistic and there was great progress!).

But we’ll do (the Fux family and the Randa meetings crew) our best to be back in 2014 and welcome you in Randa for the 5th time.

In the meantime you could do something for a great IT project: the Fairphone. Unfortunately there are not yet that many fair IT projects or products and if you google, search and read a bit about this topic you’ll see how much blood and unfairness can adhere to our all IT stuff. Thus a project which tries really hard to assure that the IT product is produced in a (n as) fair (as possible) way should be supported. Fortunately enough the Fairphone project is already in the stage of a first production run but they need some more pre-orders (at this moment they need 690 more people to pre-order to reach the 5000 mark). So pre-order a Fairphone if you need a new smartphone and port Plasma Active or another free software project to it.

Oh and btw: I won’t be in Bilbao but wish you all the best and cu soon!

Best regards, Mario Fux (aka unormal)

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