QtCon and Randa Meetings 2017 date selection

In less than a week QtCon will start and Randa Meetings will be part of it. On Saturday at 16:30 you’ll get an interesting story about 7 years of Randa Meetings. Mario Fux will talk about his experience organizing the KDE Tech Summit in the middle of nowhere in the Swiss Alps.

Besides Mario you will have the opportunity to meet and talk with the president of the Randa Meetings association: Simon Wächter. Don’t miss this chance and get a second opinion and maybe some insights.

And now on a different subject, which is something we might have as one of our main topics next year: Accessibility and Personal Information Management (PIM). Accessibility doesn’t just mean to make our software accessible for people with various disabilities, but also to make our software accessible on different operating systems, different devices and with different user interfaces (graphical with keyboard and mouse or touch or speech and other senses). Regarding PIM I don’t think you need more information about what this is: e-mail, contacts, events and all this synchronized and stored in a safe way.

For the case you think it’d make sense to bring another group or topic to Randa as well don’t hesitate to contact us: #randa on IRC, mail, QtCon or via snail mail (see randa-meetings.ch for details).

So if you can contribute something to these topics, work on Free Software in these areas and want to come to Randa next year: please join the date selection Doodle for 2017.

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